Welcome to my Ultima Online & Guardians of Light Pages

I haven't played UO in several years, and most of the folk I played with have moved on to Playing World of Warcraft. I simply can't find the time for MMORPGs anymore, though I still stay in fairly close touch with Xena.

I have been playing Ultima Online since April 18, 1998 (with a fifteen month hiatus from July, 2000 to November,2001). During that time I have always played on the Pacific Shard, and have played one and only one character "Leo"

Shortly after Leo was born in Trinsic, he joined a guild called the Black Arrow. The guild provided Leo with guidance and direction and was a great assistance to him (Even though Leo abhors magic he still carries a completely full magic book due to the help of those guild members). Eventually, Xantars, the GM of the Black Arrow was unable to dedicate the time necessary to the guild and some of us, plus the Great Lady Xena formed the Sossarian Freedom Guard (SFG) our GM was Bjorn Foehammer. This guild grew, but once again there were problems. So, we moved on and created the Guardians of Light The Great Lady Xena was installed as the Guildmaster, and the rest is history. Guardians of Light is the second largest guild in the UO universe and the largest on the Pacific Shard.

I consider myself something of a "role-player," moreso now, than before I left the realm. Click here to find out a bit about Leo.

When I first started playing UO, I had not yet discovered Linux which means I had not yet discovered IRC. I was thrilled when I discovered that the guild had an IRC channel complete with channel-bot. IRC can be used as a tremendous tool for community building. Unfortunately it is not being put to that use by GoL. In the hope of increasing guild usage of IRC I have produced a usage guide for guild members.