A Bit about Leo

As I mentioned on the previous page I attempt to role-play. Leo is the only character I have ever played. (my wife has a character on my account named Jenna, and my son has a character on my account named David). Since I do try and role-play Leo will not know what you are talking about when you talk about other characters you might play. He knows nothing of internet connections, or lag. He can't tell you about my kids, my wife or my job (However, I love to talk about all those subjects so if you want to discuss them join me in the IRC channel (server: xworld.bluemoon.net channel: #gol).

Schizophrenic behaviour is rampant througout UO. This is due to the fact that one UO account may have up to six characters associated with it. Having one person play multiple characters--especially when they are not interested in role-playing--leads to Fred running up to you and saying something like "Hi there, I'm Barney," or "I met you when I was playing my other character, Wilma." This drives me--and Leo--a bit nuts. We don't want to hear about Mule characters, or "my tailor does this" or "my blacksmith does that." So, in honour of the environmentally enforced shcizophrenia, Leo is schizophrenic. He has one particularly interesting character running around in his psyche named FoolKiller (if you haven't read the FK comic books you should). So, Leo will go up to somebody and say something like "Hi I'm FoolKiller, you have been foolish, and I will kill you for it." Of course, everyone can see that it is Leo, but his other personality has come to the fore.

Leo has medication for his ailment, and generally remembers to take it, so FoolKiller does not come out often, but in times of stress he is more likely to appear.

Leo was born in Trinsic on April 18, 1998. He fancies himself something of a Ranger (The Great Lady Xena was good enough to give him the guild title Ranger Emeritus). As a Ranger he is good at archery. To support his archery habit he is working toward becoming a Grand Master bowyer and a Grand Master lumberjack. He is also very good at hiding, and is starting to get quite good at healing.

Ridable creatures scare Leo because as a young man he was thrown from a horse and hurt quite badly. He also dislikes magic instensely, though he does not mind others using magic to his benefit (yes, he realizes he is a hypocrite on this issue).

Leo is extraordinarily loyal, almost to a fault. However, he will not put up with arrogance, or lying, or poor manners...He especially abhors poor manners and has been known to open fire on people that are rude (whether red or blue or grey). Doing that regularly cost Leo his life, but it was worth it on the occassions when the bolts hit home and the rude person would crumple into a heap on the ground. (Of course the new rules preclude that behaviour which I find to be a terrible shame).

Leo was one of the founders of Guardians of Light. The Great Lady Xena is the guildmistress of the guild. Leo and Xena are the only two remaining founders.