I was born in Eastbourne, England in August of 1963 the product of an British father and American mother. We immigrated to the United States in May of 1969 and settled in Portland, Oregon. To this day I am still a dual citizen (as are my three sons).

I and my family are Scots and very proud of it. My middle son could have been William Wallace Grant (the Grants fought with Wallace during the war for Scottish independence), however, I couldn't quite get the unanimous agreement necessary and he ended up being William without the Wallace.

I touched my first computer--well actually it was a teletype connected via a 300 baud modem to our school system's mainframe-- during my sophomore year of high school. I immediately knew that computing was what I wanted to do.

In December, 1986 I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida. Were it not for the discipline instilled while I was in school at PCC, I would not have had the skills necessary to manage my part of a small business. I am forever grateful for the work ethic, and the attitude of "Do it right, or don't do it at all," that I learned during my time there. As an added benefit, I met a wonderful woman who has been my wife through good times and some really bad times for over 20 years.

In October, 1994 I joined Western Accounting Services as one of three partners, and created the dba Legal Automation Works.

On July 1, 1998 we merged with a local hardware vendor and became Avalon Technology Group, Inc.

As our little company grew, we got tired of paying licensing fees to Novell, so I started investigating this thing called Linux. I put up our first Linux server in November/December, 1998. I had so much fun with Linux that I spent quite a bit of time studying, and in June, 1999 I went back to Raleigh, North Carolina and became the first Red Hat Certified Engineer in the state of Oregon. At the same time, Avalon became the first Red Hat VAR in the state.

During much of 2000 I spent some time working on a project to deliver Windows (running on Linux using the Win4Lin engine) to what we called thin PCs (which were PC's that were turned into true thin-client boxes by booting off a boot-floppy). In the end, we created a system that would allow Windows 9x to run extraordinarily well on a 486DX with 8Mb of RAM). The technology caught the attention of some local angel investors, and we formed a new company HyperLINq Technologies, Inc. to take the technology forward.

HyperLINq officially became a company in December, 2000. HyperLINq bought Avalon on April 1, 2001. During that time we worked hard on our product, made some tremendous technological breakthroughs, and built a complete management suite for the Win4Lin server product. We could do some really cool things, like install Windows 98 + Office 2000 for a user in under 2 minutes; and deploy 150 new copies of Windows in a computer lab in Oregon City, from the floor of LinuxWorld Expo in New York city, in about an hour-and-half.

We had some venture backing. One firm promised us $1,000,000 if we could raise another $500,000. It appeared that another firm had signed on for the $500,000 when the planes hit the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. That terrorist act caused a dramatic shift in the capital markets, and our funding disappeard.

I have begun working for Rentrak Corporation. It is a great bunch of people, and I get to learn about the entertainment industry. I'm having to really learn Perl instead of just lifting the edge of the curtain and peeking at it when I need to tweak something that was originally done in Perl. To me Perl seems like a cross between Rain Man and The Elephant Man. Extraordinarily gifted at some things with the ability to do many things quickly and dirtily--but also extraordinarily ugly! For the first time ever I get to wear an ID badge. The picture on it is almost as bad as my drivers license picture, but not quite!

I firmly believe that for most small businesses, Linux is the most cost-effective server solution available. Its stability is also a huge advantage over "the other choice."

Not only is Linux an effective computing solution, it is also far more enjoyable to work with. I have been more professionally satisfied, and my personal enjoyment of computing has been far greater than it has at any other time (other than the brief time I was able to use an Amiga professionally).

You can e-mail me at tjg@craigelachie.org

My soapbox and diary have been converted to blog format and all the entries, along with new material may be found at Standing Fast.

I recently started using TextMate. PyTestMate is my bundle add-on to integrate py.test into TextMate.

A long time ago, I was heavily involved in networking Windows and Linux boxes. I got tired of generating login scripts by hand and created a little utility in Python to help automate that process. It proved to be a bit popular and even made its way into the Samba distribution. I no longer am in a position to need something like NTLogon, so I have turned it over to a very capable mainter, Gabriel Orozco. Here is the Official NTLogon site.

In June of 2000 I bought my first motorcycle, a 2000 Suzuki Marauder. I had never ridden a motorcycle before, but two of my former business partners have motorcycles so...

(My Marauder at about 700 miles with Suzuki Rigid Mount bags and Memphis Fats 21" windshield)

After my first long distance trip on the Marauder, I decided that if I was going to travel anything more than 100 miles on a bike, I needed something different, so in June, 2002, I brought home this shiny new motorcycle...

The V-Strom now has taken me on trips to Lake Tahoe, The Redwoods and Victoria, B.C. I have added Givi E41 Keyless hardbags make travelling easy.

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